Infinity in a moment, impossible ??
A flower has petals…well, so do humans !!
He loves me…he loves me not…
One by one they disappear like so mane grains of sand into  a sea infested with large stones…the sense of insignificance…are the petals flying through skies of opportunity, rainbows on the tip of cupid’s arrow, or are they gathering dust at the bottom of nothing somewhere in the middle of forgotten moments ??
Love is all the same anyway, right ??
Honey or sugar with your tea, sir ? Or similarly, lust or love with your life, sir ? They are both sweet, right ??

For those who never felt love, there is no diction for it, no analysis that separates Shakespeare from lunatics !! A far off dream captured in a mistake by a man waving to insects and chained to a cave named ‘fate’ inside inevitable’s stomach…

Realization !!! I need to answers, no sugar-coated poetry…no breath, no acceptance, no high, no dove…all that I need has been provided in a tight package of stares, embraces and the belief of ‘infinity in a moment’ !!

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