Whether it is satisfaction or frustration, the journey of life goes on; many are met as fellow travellers, some may stay together for sometime, some come and go…the journey goes on…
As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and men and women are mere players”; so, we are just the actors, performing on the stage of the world. So how many parts has one played and the success or failure of that part gets judged sometimes within one’s life or it gets judged after the stage has been vacated to bring others on it…the scenes keep changing and one has to act as per the requirement of the scene; emotions and expressions change; sometimes the stage is filled with laughters, sometimes with tears. You or I may not be there to play the part, there will be others to play theirs…the drama is unending, the stage is never empty…there has never been a void, and there shall never be one !!
It is all in the ”Great Director’s” ,who sits somewhere above and pulls all the strings to all lives, and we, like puppets, act as desired. So, all this is life’s drama played on the world’s stage !!
Serve well so that people may remember you as the ‘hero’ of the show…even when you are off the stage, the audience wants you back on the scene again and again…that is how life has to be lived !!

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