Nature moves in circles, while Art in straight lines. The natural is rounded; the artificial is made up of angles. A man lost in the snow wanders, in spite of himself, in perfect circle; the city man’s feet denaturalized by rectangular streets and floors, carry him ever away from himself !! The round eyes of childhood typify innocence, while the narrowed line of the flirt’s optic proves invasion of art. Beauty in Nature is perfection; circularity is its chief attribution…on the other hand, straight lines show that nature has been deflected. The natural smile is a curvy symbol on the face, whereas an artificial smile depicting shrewdness shows angles.
Beauty is lost quickest in a city…the cause is geometrical, not moral !! The straight lines of its streets and architecture, the rectangularity of its lawns and social customs, the undeviating pavements, the hard, severe, depressing, uncompromising rules of all its ways coldly exhibit a sneering defiance of the curved line of Nature !!

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