Sometimes there’s that horrible hour between night and day, when the darkness mirrors your despair and you just can’t sleep. Your mind is  at war with itself and you lie awake worrying about what life may reveal tomorrow…and then the unforgiving, brutal question leaps at you like a ghost and asks, “Will you have to battle things all alone ??”.
But then, you hug your pillow tight, think of your family and friends and fend off the phantoms of doom. The deep and wonderful feeling of intimacy flourishes in an atmosphere of safety. We open up when we feel safe. We take risks when we feel safe. Even though some people rejected you from their lives, you still know that you are loved, and that there are more than a handful of people in your life who will hold you when you cry, laugh at you when you are foolish and scream at you when you are wrong.
Whether you live alone, or with someone, the hurly-burly of modern life has created its own emotional vacuums…the need to talk, share, cry, laugh and even grieve is no longer met by just one person. It’s necessary to connect with one’s  own self, before connecting with others for emotional intimacy. With good organization, dedication and perseverance in everything you do, you are already taking a step towards success, and achieving good mental health. Work on your self-esteem, as it is the starting point for nurturing your mental energy, and that will make you better inside and outside. Emotional intimacy is a psychological event that occurs when the trust level and communication between two people is such that it fosters the mutual sharing of each other’s innermost selves. It is unbridled mutual self disclosure.
In the end, its all about search for intimacy to confide to someone !!


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