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Does imagination and dreams have a scientific and philosophical basis ??
For years, psychologists have wondered if dreams affect reality and if reality affects dreams. The two are definitely connected and countless studies have shown that there is a strong connection between the conscious mind when we are awake and the subconscious mind when we are asleep. Scientists and researchers have worked for decades to find a definitive answer as to whether our dreams impact our reality. What is known with a great deal of certainty is that our dreams are impacted by the reality we live each and every day. Some researchers theorize that if reality impacts dreams, then dreams can just as easily impact our reality.
Scriptures try to tell us that the philosophy and science of the ‘unreal’ is as important as the same of the ‘real’. Scientifically, what is unreal is imaginary. However, there are examples wherein it can be shown that imaginary concepts are as important as the real ones. For example, the square root of a negative quantity is an imaginary quantity…both mathematics and physics are incomplete  without imaginary things. A complex number, which has a real part and an imaginary part, can be made real by adding it to its complex conjugate. In a similar way, an imaginary hope (positive dream) can be allayed by an imaginary fear (negative dream) of same weight. In this process, we are left with the realities of life !!
Dreams are a part of life…there is no person who does not dream…the dreams maybe false, the imaginations carry no meaning, but even if none of them is ever realized, they are still life’s greatest treasures !!
Langston Hughes, an American poet, says, “Hold fast to dreams…for when dreams go…life is a barren land, frozen with snow !”.


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