Love is a pure and sacred feeling. Being able to love someone and to be loved is a gift of god. Love being a symbol of purity can exist between any two people, be it a mother and a child, two friends or even a boy and a girl. It is a feeling which is voluntary therefore it cannot be imposed upon anyone. Therefore when you love someone all you have to do is say it with an open heart and don’t fear the response. But what happens in today’s society is that boys are seen to take an initiative most of the time. And this often happens in the case of love that is when it comes to proposal. If you think hard over it doesn’t it seem to be a little unfair? Yes, it does because if you are in love with a guy you should express your feelings just at that moment rather than waiting for him to approach you. In spite of it girls usually keep mum and sit and wait for the other person to make the move. But for how long can you wait for him to pop the question. It is high time you take things in your hand and do it the right way.
Girls getting flattered by the guys is a common sight but the other way around is not a rare one. If you love someone make him feel special by telling him how you feel about him. Don’t think about what people may think just care for the person you love. When the guys propose you with all their love don’t you feel on top of the world then why not give them a chance to feel the same way too. It will come up as a matter of surprise for him and he will love it. Hence girls should pour their hearts out too to their lovers. This will just make your partner love you all the more. Here comes the turn of the boys of getting flattered.

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