Love is a pure and sacred feeling. Being able to love someone and to be loved is a gift of god. Love being a symbol of purity can exist between any two people, be it a mother and a child, two friends or even a boy and a girl. It is a feeling which is voluntary therefore it cannot be imposed upon anyone. Therefore when you love someone all you have to do is say it with an open heart and don’t fear the response. But what happens in today’s society is that boys are seen to take an initiative most of the time. And this often happens in the case of love that is when it comes to proposal. If you think hard over it doesn’t it seem to be a little unfair? Yes, it does because if you are in love with a guy you should express your feelings just at that moment rather than waiting for him to approach you. In spite of it girls usually keep mum and sit and wait for the other person to make the move. But for how long can you wait for him to pop the question. It is high time you take things in your hand and do it the right way.
Girls getting flattered by the guys is a common sight but the other way around is not a rare one. If you love someone make him feel special by telling him how you feel about him. Don’t think about what people may think just care for the person you love. When the guys propose you with all their love don’t you feel on top of the world then why not give them a chance to feel the same way too. It will come up as a matter of surprise for him and he will love it. Hence girls should pour their hearts out too to their lovers. This will just make your partner love you all the more. Here comes the turn of the boys of getting flattered.


There is no doubt that people today have access to computers and they can gain all the information through information technology. With the emergence of new communication technology, every field has been enriched by additional forms of knowledge and interaction. Computer networks and the Internet give rise to especially profound and far-reaching modifications by affecting conventional terminologies. They give rise to foundations on which all the information has been erected. This is because interconnected computers are prone to support almost any type of technically mediated human communication.

However, people are not forced to use computers. They could apply their own knowledge and can gather their information. They can take the help of the available information on the internet to think creatively. However, people learn from the person they know and whose views they share rather than from an unknown and unseen person. Moreover, too much information available on the internet can cause information overload and can prove unproductive.

However, we cannot discard the facility of information technology that we have in modern times. All this information, which is otherwise not available to people, can be accessible in minutes. It can give birth to new ideas and thoughts. Therefore, to say that because of this information, people are less likely than ever to think deeply or originally is wrong. People can share theirs ideas and opinions with the people on the other side of the Earth through online message boards. They can develop new thoughts through dialogue in ways that is not possible without an electronic information system. Hence, there is no point getting worried with so much information.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the author’s view that people feel unable to cope with so much of information available on the internet. They do not feel like contributing to already existing information. However, they should not think like this. Knowledge has no bounds. The amount of knowledge that one can share is infinite and one can always contribute to it. With sharing, knowledge always increases and internet is a good and easy way of sharing knowledge. Increase in knowledge makes a person confident and encourages him to learn more and impart his knowledge to others also. Computer technology serves an ultimate purpose, hence, one should use it to learn new things and should be directed towards enabling a person to self-learn. It can teach a person about the world.

Hence, it is wrong not to appreciate the benefits of the new computer technology and discard it altogether; rather, one should learn to make good use of the information provided by it.

Dear You,

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I fell for you early in my life, and maybe I don’t love you at all. The worst part is not knowing , and not seeing any chance to learn. I feel for you, I atleast know that much. I hate you too, of that I can be sure.
I hate the way you say my name, simply because it’s music to my ears. I hate the way you look at me, only due to the way it makes my heart skip a beat. I hate the way you make me feel, but only because it’s wonderful. I hate the way you make me cry, without even knowing it, without even being there. I hate the way I want you, and I hate the way it makes you not want me.
If I could just have you a little bit, I might not feel like I do now. I might not be so attached if I wasn’t the only one doing the attaching. Maybe if I hold you, I would realize how irrational I am being. Maybe if I had you, I wouldn’t need you so much. All the “maybe”s in the world can’t make you mine, or anywhere close.
Once you were just a comfort to me. I can’t say you were there for me throughout, or that I ever would have known if you were. You were just a friend then, just someone I knew, but that seems so far off now. We crossed that line, the line I can’t seem to get back over. You gave me what I needed, what not many people could give me. With you I felt beauty, I felt freed. You freed my soul and gave me life. I was on top of the world; but now, I have lost that, and I don’t know what to do.
The vaguest thought of you, the slightest reminiscence, and I melt, I fall. I become what is despite being. I become weak. If it was anyone else, I could forget. There are no words that can really explain why I see you as the person as I do. I would love for you to love me, but that’s not what I really want. I want to glow…for you. But I cannot stop my heart, I cannot change my emotions. All I can do for now is live, and hope for the best.
I force myself to smile, hoping it will stick. I am just afraid that for now I have lost my glue; but maybe one day I will find it. Or even better…maybe it will FIND ME !!!

Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once

“Live everyday as if it were your last.” I believe in this quote because life is too short to procrastinate; do the things you want now because there might not be a tomorrow. I know it might be hard to live like this, but I’m sure if you asked a group of older people if they died tomorrow, are there still a lot of unfinished goals that are yet to accomplish, most of them would say yes, and wish they would have done these goals earlier in life. This ideology is like a breath of fresh air in the current hectic and fast moving world. It gives people the liberty to do whatever they want; however crazy it is. This ideology helps people in removing their fears about everything as the followers believe that there is just one life and you must take all the risks because you might not get another chance. Many researchers have claimed that YOLO followers are free from any sort of depression or emotional traumas. Most of the times we see people who have a lot of crushed or suppressed desires and they never get a chance to explore them. YOLO gives you a chance to fulfill all your desires in this very lifetime.

We have only one chance to live this life; it would make much more sense if we live our life on our own terms, instead of thinking about what others want. If you are too concerned about what others said about you in life, you might end up like a clown, trying to make everyone else happy but yourself. Yes, sacrifice yourself for your love ones makes you a hero, however please also remember that your life, it belongs to you. There are times you need to respect and appreciate yourself too. So, don’t forget to give yourself some space and do things which you really want to do. You only live once, make sure you live it to the max. Whether it is learning how to bake a cake, how to ice skate, how to surf, how to speak a new language, trying or learning new things will always excite you. It is a very good way to make friends and also to enrich your life. Besides trying different things in life, you should also try your best in anything you do. One of the best things in life is you can always confront your failure and then conquer it. If you have failed something in the past, be it in losing weight, learning how to make cookies, or anything, you should go back and give your best shot. If you really want to do it and you have started it, then never give up until the moment you succeed.

A lot of people are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone because they are afraid of disappointment or getting hurt. But, come to think about it again, isn’t that life is meant to have up and down? A fall in life is meant to be there to make you stronger. The most important thing is that you always keep the door opened, try out new things, and it will certainly spice up your life. We all have big dreams and it is dreams which fill our lives with hopes. It is amazing to own a big dream no matter how silly it sounds of the others. How the other look at your dream doesn’t matter at all because it is your dream after all. The most important thing is that you make use of every second you have to keep moving forward, marching towards your goal. Embrace change and enjoy your life as it unfolds. Make every moment a meaningful moment.

Feel it in your heart…Be part of something you believe in…Travel to new places…Forget the past; start living in the present…Meet new people…Learn things that fascinates you…Indulge in craziness…Fall in love…Enjoy the beauty of Nature !! Take a look around yourself and recall when was the last time you have a good laugh or yell because of excitement. You will realize that it is the time you spent along with your loved ones or with your buddy. Not all happiness comes with a price tag. There is some happiness which is free, yet are so precious to make you feel it is worth living !!

So, don’t keep calm, because you only live once !!

MAHAMAYA – Illusion or Reality ?


Mahamaya…the goddess of perfection…the mother of all names and forms…she deludes the world with her illusion, and conjures up the magic of creation, preservation and destruction !!!

Maya means illusion. Mahamaya is devoid of illusion. Illusion pertaining to material objects and Mahamaya is correlated to wisdom. Human prowess is limited and hence he does not have an all round vision of life. His limited vision visualizes a limited world and thus he deludedly thinks it to be the be all and end all of life. It is like a frog in the well who is oblivious of the gigantic world outside the well. If only the frog comes out of the well, will it realize that his previous belief of the world was with intense limitations and that the world indeed is infinite.

A living being/creature of the world is bound by Maya (illusion) and hence is narrow minded. His desires, thinking and actions are ensnared by the net of Maya and hence they all are of a very low nature. He thus loses the wealth of life like a deer running after musk or like a traveler in a desert running after mirages. Self-realization helps one succeed both materially and spiritually. It is also called Mahamaya. Maya is a source of bondage and pain whereas seeking shelter of Mahamaya means attaining supreme peace. Mahamaya lays down the path of greatness and gives us the necessary soul force to walk on it.

I think that a good definition of an illusion is something that tricks us into believing a false idea. The dictionary says that an illusion is a misleading image, a mistaken idea. Yet it seems to me that many people mistakenly think of an illusion as something that has no reality to it at all – something that does not even exist! Even though our physical senses are doing their jobs perfectly, our incomplete picture tricks us into believing a false idea. Our false assumption that the feet that we see are the feet of the assistant leads to the incorrect conclusion that the assistant was cut in half. These two ideas are completely false but our raw perceptions are accurate. Once we see the bigger picture, we understand the true nature of the situation and we are no longer tricked by the illusion. So in a funny way, it can be said that an illusion is real. Yes, it has a reality to it. It’s just that its true reality is different from what we first thought. We were initially tricked into believing a false idea.

Reality is the state of the world of how it really is, whereas an illusion is erroneous interpretation of reality. Illusion versus reality is often referred to as deception of appearances. This is when something or something portrays itself as what it is not. Just like disguise, deception of appearances is an appearance in order to conceal one’s true attitude or identity. Illusions often derail people from their sanity, as they cause them to inadvertently live lives in accordance to false beliefs. As a result, the outcomes for these people, and the people around them, are often atrocious.

What is the true nature – the full nature – of reality? What role do we play in it? To what extent do we have freewill? To what degree do we control our own life? Are both life and death an illusion? Without the proper understanding of that subject, we would suffer from the effects of a very important false belief. And finally, are you an illusion? Is there more to you than meets the eye? While our magicians use ordinary means to create the illusion of a supernatural event, is God doing the opposite? Is God using supernatural means to creates the illusion of the ordinary world? Think about it.

Finally, quoting from the movie Now You See Me, “The closer you look, the less you see !!”



Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested. The idea of reverse psychology was originally introduced in 1970 by the German psychologists, Adorno and Horkheimer. The theory was that people will say, do, or believe the exact opposite of what you want them to. They tested this theory and found it to be entirely correct. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against. The one being manipulated is usually unaware of what is really going on.
Reverse Psychology is a method of persuasion that is related to the Reactance Theory and the Ironic Process Theory. The two theories help to better understand the fundamentals of reverse psychology and how to be an effective persuader. Reactance theory assumes there are “free behaviors” individuals perceive and can take part in at any given moment. For a behavior to be free, the individual must have the relevant physical and psychological abilities to partake in it, and must know they can engage in it at the moment, or in the near future. Ironic process theory refers to the psychological process whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts make them more likely to surface.
I first related a scientific law to this psychological phenomenon in my chemistry class. In that class, my teacher taught me chemical equilibrium and I learnt a principle called Le Chatelier’s Principle, which indicated that “if a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or partial pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counteract the imposed change and a new equilibrium is established”. Unexpectedly yet unsurprisingly, I did discover some interesting evidence. First came physics: the Lenz’s Law, friction force, the inductive reactance of coils…Evidence also lied in biology, such as important balances of human body (water-salt balance, thermoregulation, blood sugar regulation…) and of ecological populations (external and internal balances). All the examples I found can be described in the same way: a system receives some imposed changes; then, some of its elements function, rebelling against such changes. Even though the whole process has nothing to do with human mind, it is in amazing accordance with reverse psychology; therefore, in my opinion, such scientific laws and phenomena should be considered the expressions of reverse psychology, at least in a broad sense.
But what bothers me is that, we still enjoy our life, unconcerned about the crimes we have done, simply because we keep an idea that “reverse psychology” helps nature counteract everything imposed on it: nothing will become abnormal! Of course, I don’t deny the scientific fact that some of the harm we cause can be counteracted by the reverse psychology of the nature, but I really suspect that as situations get worse, the nature will start to take revenge on us, obeying it’s different reverse psychology. At that time, can we succeed rebelling against the nature by using our reverse psychology?




Dear You,

It is rightly said that we realize the importance of a person when they are not with us…so, before it’s too late (which I hope is never), give me the privilege of thanking you…
I feel like we are parts of a puzzle that fit together perfectly, and we are only whole when we are together. I thought I was happy before I met you, but now I know what true happiness is. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. Never thought that life would be so beautiful until you touched my heart. Thank you for making my life so meaningful to live on. Thank you for giving me a reason to live a precious life. Thank you for tolerating my rude and arrogant nature…the way I shout and scream and get irritated easily…thank you for having so much patience with me…for sharing each and every small little thing with me…thank you for listening to me when I had something to share. Thank you for understanding me before I could say anything to you…for giving me those beautiful dreams about us…I never thanked you for what you have done…for the beautiful difference you make in my life…for understanding me so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.
I know you think it’s totally unnecessary to say thank you but I want you to know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You are the one genuine person whom I can rely on. I would rather thank you right now and today for being such an amazing friend, rather than regret not having said these words to you after life’s journey comes to an end. Thanks for being there for me. Thank you for tolerating my idiosyncrasies and crazy habits. You might not know this, but you helped me find happiness in being the person that I really am. Thanks for removing the word “expectation” and adding the world “happiness” to the dictionary.  Thank you for being my winter’s sun, and you warmth and comfort. I feel so happy knowing that I can share all the madness that the world gives. With you around I can simply shout back to the world – bring it on ! Life and times keep on changing. But in spite of the roller coaster ride, I have my own rocksteady factor – you. What more can I say except – thank you.

And most importantly, THANK YOU for letting me be me..


SAD – Seasonal Affected Disorder


Many of us might say that being less active in the winter is the normal cycle of life. A less peppy mood may be typical in this season, but for some people, cold weather and lack of sunshine bring on more than the usual winter blahs. It can bring on a form of clinical depression called the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, summertime sadness, or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer. (wikipedia)
Nature has gifted Bangalore city with a very pleasant and moderate climate. In Bangalore, neither would you tremble with cold in winters, nor would you drench with sweat in summers. Bangalore weather boasts of cool winters and warm summers, without any extremes in both the cases. Currently, due to rainy and chilly weather of Bangalore, I am apparently suffering from SAD. It’s cold. It’s dark. It feels like last Christmas, I gave someone my heart … and the very next day, they gave it away. It’s mid-november, and should be mildly cold with bright sunshine…but all we have here is chilly weather with drizzling throughout the day. It’s ok, if it’s for 1-2 days, but it’s been over a week now with this weather, and it’s expected to last for 2 weeks more now !! Everywhere it is damp and cold and muddy…it’s difficult to move out, travel or work !!
Symptoms of SAD for the winters generally consists of difficulty waking up in the morning, nausea, tendency to oversleep and over eat, especially a craving for carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain. Other symptoms include a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating on or completing tasks, withdrawal from friends,
family, and social activities, increased desire to be alone and greater need for sleep. All of this leads to depression, pessimistic feelings of hopelessness, and lack of pleasure which characterize a person suffering from this disorder. Even though the harsh chill in the air might bring you down, SAD is believed to relate more to daylight, not the temperature. Some experts believe that a lack of sunlight increases the body’s production of a body chemical called melatonin. Melatonin is what helps regulate sleep and can cause symptoms of depression.
So, it is winter yet again. The beautiful colours of the autumn leaves have disappeared and have been replaced by barren tree limbs and icicles sharp and brittle. The harsh winds rattle the window frames and the cold air seems to sing a cruel song that frightens away birds to warmer climates. The daytime gives way to the moon, and darkness sets in way before supper. I love winter season, but not in this damp and dark way…it is the season of festivities, after all !! Perhaps this article is itself saddening, maybe because I am myself suffering from SADness !!

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Being ignored is sadly just a part of life. Everyone typically goes through it at some point. It’s easy to feel hurt when someone ignores you, but there is usually a bigger picture you aren’t seeing. We all go through a range of feelings based on our different circumstances. Not everyone is going to like you or treat you well, no matter what you do.  How you deal with it is simple, you don’t bother with it. They are humans just like you, and you should treat them as such. You are giving it more meaning than it has. Perhaps reaching out, answering your texts, calling back or being normal is too much for that person? You are taking on all that hurt, all that rejection and sadness, and it has no meaning whatsoever except that you are choosing to feel that way. But you don’t deserve to go through all such and you are doing injustice to yourself. That is not anything they do, that is how you are reacting.  And there’s no reason to do that, it’s not about you. You are causing yourself undue hurt, and harm.
If you feel it’s your fault somehow, then talk to the person about it; reflect on your recent actions; explain your feelings. However, if it doesn’t help, then one should not get frustrated and make a scene. Scenes are not good, in any case, since it makes you look as though you have issues, though you are frustrated. Sometimes it may not be your fault at all. They might just want to be left alone in their lives. Or they might not like you very much in the first place and may in fact be happy that you are out of their lives. Don’t try to push yourself or you’ll find yourself harming yourself or the people around you. If they don’t want to associate with you for any number of reasons, then don’t associate with them. Even if it is tearing you up inside, this can be an effective solution over time. Take the hint and don’t bother to amend ties with them again. There are 7 billion other people in the world just waiting for you! People ignore for so many reasons, but the point is that you need to move on and make new friends.
Be glad when you can help somebody, even though they ignore you. You’ve accomplished something and you should feel good about it, not broken. They’ll realize it sooner or later. If they don’t appreciate it, that’s it. No need for suffering. Nothing is permanent. You can’t always change someone’s mood to being polite if they want to be rude. Initially it will take some time to move on but start ignoring them. Focus on your own growth instead and trust me you will eventually feel better because this way you will give them no right to hurt you or make you feel low in any way. Humans are unpredictable. Kids will cry when they need your attention and adults will ignore you when they seek your attention. What I’ve learnt is , you can’t force someone to be a part of your life. When a person chooses to ignore you, it does hurt but you have to be better than they are, you have to learn to let go. Sometimes it’s the best option to let them figure out what they need to figure out on his own. If they ask you whats wrong ( believe me this moment will arrive) just give them a nice piece of mind. If they realize their mistake then you will win. If they don’t, still you win ! There is nothing to feel low about. People who shut doors on you…just let them know that those doors can be locked from either side.

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tumblr_mvrrd78wcy1qc4uvwo1_500This long word literally means putting “forward” to “tomor­row”; for it is derived from the Latin word, eras, “tomorrow”, and prefix pro, “before” or “forward.” Of course it is sometimes necessary and wise to postpone a decision or an action, where hasty conclusions would be foolish; but “procrastination” always means putting things off tomorrow which ought to be done to­day. Everyone procrastinates. We put things off because we don’t want to do them, or because we have too many other things on our plates. Putting things off—big or small—is part of being human. You love the rush of adrenalin you get when you finish a paper ten minutes before it’s due, but you (and your body) are getting tired of pulling all-nighters. You feel okay about procrastinating while in college, but you worry that this habit will follow you into your working life.
Procrastination, if it is not firmly checked, soon grows into bad habit, which at last makes the punctual performance of daily duties impossible. The first reason why procrastination is bad is because the quality of work suffers. Another big problem is that you run out of ideas. At one sitting ideas don’t come as freely as they do over several days. Procrastination also affects the quality of work because your assignments looks hurried and just thrown together.
Another danger that comes with procrastination is an increase in stress. When an assignment is left to the last minute, it lingers in the back of your mind the whole time. Once the day arrives that you must do it, any other plans must be put on hold. You end up being frustrated and upset with yourself, and the teacher. If several assignments are due at the same time the stress increases even more. Not only do you have to rush to get everything done, you have to worry about whether you’ll get it finished in time. Stress also increases when you procrastinate because you start to doubt yourself. When you make up your mind that you won’t leave the next assignment until the last minute, and you end up doing it, you get frustrated and upset with yourself.
The last and most important reason is because you learn poor work habits. As you further your education you will no longer be able to leave things to the last minute. When you make excuses to put off assignments, you learn to make excuses for other things as well. This is a bad pattern to get into, you start to realize that you won’t get it done early so why bother trying. Once you start to doubt yourself, your self-confidence drops and all kinds of other problems start to happen.
If you think you are a hopeless procrastinator, take heart! No one is beyond help. The fact that you procrastinate does not mean that you are inherently lazy or inefficient. It is a habit that has some specific origin, and it is a habit that you can overcome. For most procrastinators, however, there are no quick fixes. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and never procrastinate again. You may not be surprised to learn that procrastinators tend to be self-critical. So, as you consider your procrastination and struggle to develop different work habits, try to be gentle with yourself.
The lazy man says, “Never do to-day what you can put off till to-morrow.” But the wise and busy man takes as his motto the old proverb, “Never put off till to-morrow what you can do to­day.” And the man who systematically clears off the work that belongs to each day as it comes, not only avoids the mental burden of unperformed duties, but is also the only man who knows true leisure. For at the end of the day, he can spend what time remains in recreation and enjoyment with a clear conscience, knowing he is well ahead with his work.

So we should take as our motto, “Do it now!”

FYI, I am the biggest procrastinator….hi !!

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